About Us


As a nonprofit, our mission is to promote youth literacy through comic books and empower youths through participation in fun educational activites.






Project Cowabunga is a youth advocacy nonprofit dedicated to supporting programs, projects, and ideas that empower youths.

Project Cowabunga is a fusion between all things comic book related and youth advocacy. For example, Project Cowabunga is dedicated to supporting programs, projects, and ideas that:

  • Provide youths access to literacy and artistry resources helping them to participate and communicate in an engaged and interdisciplinary environment for self-improvement and self-sufficiency.
  • Support scholarly and artistic innovation to build a community of critical thinkers, collaborators, and creators.
  • Promote diversity, literacy, artistry, culture and the arts.
  • Promote the comic book industry as an intellectual, innovative, family friendly, and diverse environment to new audiences.
  • Promote access to healthy foods, clean water, and safe housing which are necessary for the mental and physical development of youths.

Our Latest News

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Top 10 Ninja Turtle Villains

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Top 10 Ninja Turtle Toys

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Top 10 Ninja Turtle Video Games

Top 10 Ninja Turtle Video Games

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