The newest Ninja Turtle has been terrified of a very specific threat to the future of Mutant Town…and she may have just made it happen. WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika II #3 by Brahm Revel, on sale now. Jennika has had a lot on her plate lately, from trying to mediate between the citizens of Mutant Town to keeping it from being destroyed by giant, monstrous versions of those very same citizens after undergoing horrific new transformations.

On top of all of that, the one thing that is constantly burning in the back of her mind is the thought that everything she has tried to build could come crashing down if the outside world ever thought that Mutant Town was home to dangerous beasts. Unfortunately, in the course of trying to make her home safer for everyone, the newest Ninja Turtle might have just made her worst nightmare come to life.

Jennika and Ivan have made their way underground to investigate rumors of the Shadow People who might be behind the new mutations. What they find isn’t nearly as bad as the rumors, and instead of deviant creatures they come face to face with a small city of gentle mutants just trying to get by.

One of them, an elderly woman, tells Jennika about the Nightshade Fairy who comes every so often with questions about life underground. With this new information, Jennika and Ivan set a trap for the Nightshade Fairy. When night falls, a dark figure slinks into the old woman’s home only to find Jennika and Ivan waiting for her.

The Nightshade Fairy turns out to be the scorpion mutant Zodi, who injects Ivan with the super mutagen before taking off into the tunnels. Jenn follows while the Shadow People hold Ivan back, and the fight eventually makes its way to the surface outside of Mutant Town’s walls for all of New York City to see.

The two bound off of moving vehicles and through construction sites, Jennika never too far behind even when she stops to help bystanders. When Zodi makes the leap from a high rise frame to an office building, Jenn is there to send both of them crashing through the windows. After continuing their fight inside, Jennika delivers Zodi in a heap to the bottom of a large desk. This turns out to be the office of Madame Null, CEO of Null Group and one of the mutant’s worst enemies. Null group has a history of experimenting on and torturing mutants, and Jennika might have just given them a reason to pick up their old bad habits.

Null has been behind the new transformations, having hired Zodi to gather information and deliver doses of the super mutagen to unsuspecting victims. Given enough time, one of the monster attacks was bound to be captured on camera for all the world to see.

Now that Jennika and Zodi have fought their way across half of the city in broad daylight, both of their faces are plastered all over the news, right alongside the destruction they caused along the way. This is the exact thing that has been burning away in the back of Jennika’s mind and keeping her up at night, and now she’s going to have to figure out how to deal with it, assuming there is still time to do so.